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Suspension Repairs Miami, FL

Your vehicle’s suspension is one of the most important parts of your car. It is essential to ensuring that you and your passengers have a smooth ride while also improving the feedback and handling you get while steering.

Over time though, natural wear and tear can cause your shocks to fail, seeing you require Suspension Repairs in Miami, FL. Ignoring the warning signs or failing to get your suspension repaired can lead to a range of issues, from increased tire wear and fuel consumption to you being unable to control the vehicle at speed.

Signs You Need Suspension Repairs in Miami, FL

Unlike other forms of vehicle repair, which can be quite easy to recognize, understanding when your car might require Suspension Repairs in Miami, FL, can be more challenging. However, there is a range of warning signs to be aware of:

1) A rough driving experience
Your suspension is designed to create a smoother ride while driving. However, if you are beginning to notice more bumps and every drive is becoming more uncomfortable, then it is a sign that you might need Suspension Repairs in Miami, FL.

2) Strange handling
Another very common sign your car is in need of Suspension Repairs in Miami, FL, is noticing a strange handling sensation. If the vehicle is drifting when turning or there is pulling to the left or right while on a straight road, then it could be a sign that the suspension is not working as it is designed to.

3) Lurching
Have you noticed that your car seems to lurch forward under heavy braking? If the front of your vehicle dips more noticeably, it can affect how well you can stop the car, in some cases increasing the stopping distance by up to 20%. If you are noticing your car lurching down when braking, it is a clear sign you need Suspension Repairs in Miami, FL.

4) Increased tire wear
Another major sign of requiring Suspension Repairs in Miami, FL, is noticing an increased wear in your tires. This could be uneven and only on one side, or in some cases, a balding spot in a particular place on all four tires.

If you think that your car might require Suspension Repairs in Miami, FL, then a great test to conduct is the bounce test. This is a simple step where you push down on the front of the vehicle with all of your weight, bouncing the car. If the vehicle continues to bounce more than two or three times after you finish, then it could be an indication of a more serious fault.

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